Field Building

A committed field-builder and educator, Helfand co-founded Working Films, one of the nation’s first non-profits dedicated to engagement in 2009, and Chicken & Egg Pictures, a non-profit film fund dedicated to supporting women documentary directors with strategic grants and creative mentorship in 2005.

wf_logoRecognizing the power of stories to inspire and transform, Working Films cultivates partnerships between nonfiction media-makers, nonprofit organizations, educators and advocate to advance social justice and support community-based change. We train media-makers in audience engagement and work with NGOs to use documentary film and media to enhance their programs and move their missions forward.


Our flagship program is Reel Engagement, which uses collections of award-winning media to address major issues of our time: Climate Change (Reel Power), Education (Reel Education), Reproductive Justice (Reel Reproductive Justice, the Economy (Reel Economy), and a growing Aging population (Reel Aging). Together with on the ground organizers we are using these collections to reach target audiences and achieve specific advocacy goals.


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cne-logoChicken & Egg Pictures is the only nonprofit film fund dedicated solely to supporting women documentary film directors. We provide strategically timed grants and creative mentorship. We support women filmmakers whose diverse voices and dynamic storytelling have the power to catalyze change and help build movements for equity and justice, at home and around the globe


Since 2005, Chicken & Egg Pictures has awarded $4.4 million and 5,300 hours of mentorship to over 210 films. We are interested in films that tackle human rights, social justice, and environmental issues in a nuanced, original, and compelling way. We’re looking for new voices, powerful stories, and filmmakers who are committed to working in tandem with social movements.


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